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Native Flute

        "I've been asked why I play music like

         "Claire de Lune" by Debussy or Pat
         Methany's "The Road To You" on the
         Native Flute? To me it's fairly simple.
         I want to play the most beautiful music
         ever written or played on what I consider
         the most beautiful sounding instrument.
         Also my unique upbringing as an Urban
         Indian that was exposed to great music
         and training all through my life makes
         this my gift to others."

Having been a serious woodwind player from a very early age Vince first thought about

the obvious limitations of the Native Flute but fell in love with it's sound and the connection it had to his Native culture. There came "dark nights of the soul", times when it felt like the world was crashing about his life and Vince late at night would play just one note on the Native Flute and hold it. "I felt the sound that others have been moved by and I began to play myself to sleep. It brought something to me that no other instrument could. It was because of this that I chose to play the Native Flute or should I say it chose me?"

Being classically trained taught him the discipline of study, which he would need in order to create a chromatic fingering system. "I've incorporated all the fingering systems I've known from the open hole silver flute, clarinet and the tenor sax on which I had to create and instantly memorize fingerings for the altissimo register (which enables me to play three and a half octaves in every key on the tenor sax). Also my extensive jazz backround helps me improvise and play off the page and in the moment just as I would on any other woodwind instrument that I play".





Vince also hopes that because of the significance of the Native Flute to its people that his playing of this instrument as he does will makes American Indians more visible in this 21st century. "We have a spirtual connection to this land that is very unique and a spirituality that was vital to those who lived on this land then and now."

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